Introducing Clean Touch™

Automatic Surface Sanitization With Motion-Sensing Technology

    • The Clean Touch™ automatically destroys viruses and bacteria on keypads found on payment terminals, access doors, alarm systems, ATM machines, gas pumps or any surface in which sterilization is required.
    • Combines the latest in ultra violet light technology (UV-C LED) which destroys over 99% of viruses, bacteria, and other harmful pathogens.
    • Allows for touchless and chemical-free cleaning.
    • Automatically turns ON to sanitize surface after every use.
    • Automatically turns OFF after cleansing cycle completes or when motion is detected.


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Ensure a Virus & Bacteria Free Surface with  Clean Touch™ Technology

Disinfect After Every Use.

Destroy Bacteria and Viruses On Payment Terminals

Sanitize and disinfect payment terminal key pads with UV-C Protected™ Clean Touch™.   This 3” device combines the latest germicidal UV-C LED light and motion-sensing technology to protect users from any harm.