Clean Touch™

UVC Protected™ Clean Touch™ Automatic UV-C LED Light Surface Disinfectant With Motion-Sensing Technology.

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The Clean Touch™ revolutionizes payment terminal sterilization and disinfection automatically with our UV-C LED and motion-sensing technology. 

Our UV-C Protected™ Clean Touch ™ device kills off bacteria and viruses on payment terminals and other “key pad” devices automatically using the latest UV-C LED technology.

Clean Touch will turn ON to sanitize the surface after every use.  Clean Touch will automatically turn OFF after the the cleansing cycle completes or when motion is detected.


  • The Clean Touch™ automatically destroys viruses and bacteria on keypads found on payment terminals, access doors, alarm systems, ATM machines, gas pumps or any surface in which sterilization is required. 
  • Combines the latest in ultra violet light technology (UV-C LED) which destroys over 99% of viruses, bacteria, and other harmful pathogens. 
  • Allows for touchless and chemical-free cleaning.
  • Automatically turns ON to sanitize surface after every use.
  • Automatically turns OFF after cleansing cycle completes or when motion is detected.



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